Dragonfly Trimarans
Dragonfly Trimarans
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Dragonfly 25 and 28

Dragonfly folding trimarans will redefine your expectations of sailing with a unique combination of performance, quality and comfort. They offer exhilarating 20+ knot performance yet are simple to sail, even solo.

Large trampolines create huge deckspace and a Dragonfly floats in knee-deep water to access anchorages denied to other yachts. Beautifully crafted interiors maximize cruising comfort and on arrival in the marina, a Dragonfly quickly folds to reduce beam by 50% to access a single berth, simply by winding a winch.

The exciting new Dragonfly 25 sports trailer-sailer is the ‘European Yacht of the Year 2016’, the 3rd time we have been awarded this prestigious title. Our 2016 range of 4 models extends to a 35ft Ocean Cruiser, all designed and built in Denmark with over 50 years’ of innovation. Put the fun back into sailing – come and see how a Dragonfly trimaran could ‘Unfold your Horizons’.