Lagoon 42
Lagoon 42
  • For further information please contact Graham Laver at Ancasta:

  • 023 80 450 005 or mobile 07771 986 518


Lively performance, easy handling and the ultimate in comfort have become synonymous with the Lagoon brand. Ancasta have always been impressed with the design and craftsmanship that utilises every inch of space to its maximum potential.


We’d like to invite you on board to experience the famous VPLP hull architecture and Nauta Yachts interiors. Take your time and feel free to move unhindered through the boat while mentally visualising how effortless living aboard could be. Lagoon have achieved near perfection when it comes to combining luxury with true sailing performance.

This year we will feature a brand new Lagoon 42. This new model is proving to be a huge success with a long and growing waiting list. Featuring all the very latest innovations such as the centrally positioned mast and self-tacking headsail, the 42 is tremendous fun to sail and reassuring at sea.